Living Wills

Make your healthcare wishes and end-of-life choices clearly known!

Easily provide detailed instructions to family and friends about your medical preferences using DIY Legal's Living Will software. This Advanced Healthcare Directive contains a Living Will with a Healthcare Power of Attorney, plus a HIPAA Release Authorization. Answer some simple questions and the software will customize a document that outlines your preferred end-of-life treatments and the type of care you want if incapacitated.

A Living Will is an important healthcare document. It allows you to clearly spell out to your family and trusted friends EXACTLY the steps you want them to take -- and EXACTLY the steps you DO NOT want them to take -- should you become seriously ill, seriously injured, or incapacitated.

And quite candidly, some Living Wills are better than others.

In the past, Living Wills were often brief and did little more than discuss life support situations, leaving many issues up for consideration or debate.


Today, the more accepted document is an Advanced Healthcare Directive, which combines the end-of-life designations of a Living Will with the ability to name an Agent who can oversee treatment if need be through a Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney. Combining these documents covers nearly every medical, jurisdictional and life support situation, and allows the Principal (the person making the Living Will) to choose an Agent in advance who will make life and death healthcare decisions on his or her behalf.

DIY Legal's Living Will software provides this comprehensive Advanced Healthcare Directive combination, which is legal and valid in all USA states.

The software also contains a HIPAA Medical Records Release Authorization form. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, imposes privacy rules on how and when a medical provider can disclose information about its patients. Without the special authorization given by this form, your doctor or treatment facility cannot disclose medical information that might be crucial to the enactment of your Living Will. Without a proper HIPAA release, the persons that you appointed to act as your Agent might not be able to obtain the information necessary to enforce the wishes of your Healthcare Power of Attorney. Further, without the appropriate HIPAA release, medical facilities treating you may have difficulty obtaining your past medical information. This HIPAA release will allow medical information to be provided to your current doctors and hospitals, PLUS the person listed as your Agent in making health care decisions on your behalf.

With all of these critical forms packaged together and provided in a format that is easy to use, the DIY Legal Living Will software program is a truly great value. Why leave your healthcare decisions to chance -- or let them be decided by some unnamed doctor, hospital bureaucrat or the state -- when you can make your intentions known without question quickly, easily and affordably!