Family Protection Plans

Did you know that every year 1 in 2 families require the services of an attorney? In many instances, legal issues are precipitated by other
personal and professional challenges. Mounting debt, tax season, or a personal crisis may be the catalyst for legal assistance. To help address
these multiple needs, Legal Club created the Family Protection Plan (FPP).

Pre-paid legal services can be a very attractive alternative to hiring a lawyer for many people or companies. If you have a lawsuit, you are victim of scam, fraud and want to file a complaint or if you simply want a lawyer's advice, you can use your prepaid legal plan fulfill your legal needs.

Prepaid legal plans do exist for both individuals and companies. A prepaid legal service is unlikely to meet the needs of a large company, but it is very appropriate for a small business.


Small Business Legal Plans

The rising costs of health insurance and the overall running a business
has made it very difficult for business owners to make ends meet. Legal
Club helps alleviate some of that financial pressure by providing business owners with access to a nationwide network of pre-qualified attorneys that will provide them with free and discounted legal care.