Grieving the End of the Marriage – 4 Steps to Begin Healing

Divorce is a word that we see and hear everywhere. In our daily lives divorce attorneys solicit their services in commercials, billboards, print media and flyers. Television shows and films trivialize divorce as it's cloaked in steamy affairs, romanticized depictions of fragmented families and crimes of passion and revenge. But the word divorce means something entirely different to someone who is experiencing it in real time. Divorce can be correlated with another "D" word, disaster. Experts in the Mental health field say that the pain divorce creates rivals grieving the death of a loved one. Despite the prevalence of divorce, Grief is an emotion and subject that no one talks about. Yet Russell Friedman, Co-founder of the Grief Recovery Institute state that "Grief is the Normal and Natural reaction to Loss of any Kind." So why don't we talk and have information about grief a natural reaction to divorce? I don't have the answer to that (sorry), but I can share 4 steps you can take to begin healing.Original Article

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