DIY Legal has downloadable do-it-yourself forms to create a last will and testament, revocable living trusts, or a power of attorney. DIY Legal also has document preparation services to have your documents professionally drafted, without breaking the bank.

Bankruptcy Legal Forms Software

File personal Bankruptcy with easy-to-use forms and step-by-step instructions. If you have come to the conclusion that Bankruptcy is the best option to escape crushing personal debt, this software packet will save you time, stress and a significant amount of money. Everything you need to complete a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy is provided, whether filing individually or jointly as a married couple.

FSBO Real Estate Software

Get FSBO home sale documents without the cost of an agent or attorney! Draft all the legal documents necessary to sell a property "FSBO" -- For Sale by Owner -- and save thousands in commissions and fees! FSBO legal forms software allows anyone to customize a Real Estate Purchase Agreement specific to the laws of their state and transaction.

Promissory Note Software

"Get it in writing" before lending money or valuables to anyone! Even when a person is a close friend or a family member, it often makes sense to put the expectations of a loan in writing to avoid confusion or ill-will later. "Get it in writing" is the function of a Promissory Note: to outline the terms and repayment schedule for any loan.

Lease Agreement

If you own property and wish to rent it out to a person or business, this legal forms software kit is of great value. These documents can be customized to create a comprehensive rental contract tailored to almost any situation: Apartment Leases, Home Leases, Furnished and Unfurnished, Office Leases, and much more.

Premarital Agreement

A Premarital Agreement (often called a Prenuptial Agreement, or a 'pre-nup' for short) details in advance the legal and financial expectations should the marriage come to an end. Having a pre-nup leaves both parties and their heirs protected and secure!

Incorporation Legal Software

Incorporate your business quickly and easily in any state in the USA! Up-to-date state-specific documents to legally incorporate in any USA state. Maintain the corporate structure with the necessary legal forms, including share certificates, by-law documents, meeting minutes, and more. Clear instructions and overviews within this legal forms software kit is the perfect solution for "do-it-yourself" incorporation!