For Sale By Owner

Get FSBO home sale documents without the cost of an agent or attorney!

Draft all the legal documents necessary to sell a property "FSBO" -- For Sale by Owner -- and save thousands in commissions and fees! Standard Legal's FSBO legal forms software allows anyone to customize a Real Estate Purchase Agreement specific to the laws of their state and transaction. Also provided are all of the disclosures, deeds, and step-by-step filing documents required for the entire process, making the legal side of FSBO simple!


Have you noticed how more and more houses are being sold as "For Sale by Owner?"

Drive around town and you'll see that the number of homes being sold "FSBO" is increasing every month. Real estate transaction statistics back this up.

People have come to realize that with a few key internet home sale listings, a judicious use of newspaper classified advertising, and some well executed yard-signs, that marketing a home on your own is not as difficult as it once was. Especially considering the tens of thousands of dollars in commissions saved!

But the tricky part of an FSBO Home Sale has always been the "legal" side of the deal: putting together the proper paperwork, handling the necessary disclosures, finalizing the purchase agreements, changing over the deeds, etc.

Well, no more.

With DIY Legal's FSBO Home Sale package, the creation and accurate completion of these necessary legal forms may now be the simplest part of the process.


DIY Legal's FSBO package contains the following forms and instructions:

- Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

- Residential Property Disclosure Form

- Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form

- The EPA's Lead Based Paint Hazards Booklet

- Warranty Deeds (formatted by marital status)

- Seller's "Offer to Purchase" Form and Buyer's "Counter Offer" Form

If you decide that selling your home on your own is a wise financial decision, if you decide that saving thousands of dollars in real estate agent commissions make sense to you, and if you are willing to put just a little bit of effort into the process of selling your property, then the Standard Legal Software's FSBO Home Sale product is the perfect "last piece of the puzzle" to make the entire process easy and professional.