Not every legal situation requires the services of an attorney. Sometimes the situation can be resolved simply by creating and filing the proper legal forms. Sometimes the facts or details of a case are so "typical" or "common" that handling the matter on your own is simple, timely and cost-effective.

In these types of situations, DIY Legal can help.

Legal self representation applies to more than just court proceedings, too; actions like creating a Last Will and Testament, filing a Deed, writing a Lease, Incorporating a business, handling your own Divorce or filing for Bankruptcy all fall under the "pro se" category. So long as you complete the legal forms and file the paperwork without the advice or representation of a lawyer, you are acting "pro se". Pro se representation has been a valid option since the legal system was first created in this country, and is used every day by tens of thousands of average people.



LEGAL DOCUMENT PREPARATION SERVICES Not sure you can handle the creation and completion of legal forms on your own? Would you rather have a professional help you prepare your documents, giving you completed forms that are "ready for signature"? Then review the details of DIY Legal's Document Preparation Service. Our document preparation professionals will assist you in creating the finished legal documents you need by using the detailed, highly specific information that you provide to us. With our easy-to-use online tools and the ability to make personal contact, DIY Legal will help you complete and output the legal documents you require quickly and professionally. With DIY Legal, you can skip the frustration of trying to figure out how to do it yourself and eliminate the fear of making a mistake!


Most common legal matters involve the use of some kind of standardized legal form. For years, courts and attorneys have created these standardized forms and the use of these forms has been ongoing, often without any changes in the form or document for substantial periods of time. The use of the forms by individuals who are not lawyers does not, in any way, make these forms any less valid or binding. As long as the form or document utilizes the proper language and formatting and complies with the governmental regulations with regard to content and usage, the document is effective -- even when completed and filed by a non-lawyer.

Legal Forms Software

Our self-help software is instantly downloadable and contains all of the legal forms and comprehensive instructions needed to create the state-specific documents required of that law topic. DIY LEGAL's do-it-yourself legal forms software is simple to use, with many of the forms easily completed in just a few minutes!

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Pre-Paid Legal Plans

On average every year 1 in 2 families require the service of an attorney. DIY Legal has partnered with Legal Club of America © which provides lowered costs for legal services, tax preparation and advice; even credit counseling services.

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When it comes time to get legal documents, many people simply want the finished product. They don't want do-it-yourself forms.

That's because legal forms software can be a challenge for people who aren't computer savvy, or who aren't knowledgeable about the law. Downloading the software, opening the files, reading the instructions, then correctly completing the documents can be a bit intimidating.

But the thought of paying an attorney a big chunk of money to get finished documents isn't something most people want, either.

So what option is available that solves both of these issues? Legal Document Preparation Service from DIY Legal!

Document Preparation from DIY Legal is simple and affordable. Our Preparation Specialists  help you create completed legal documents that are ready for signature. We provide you a series of questions by email then we use your answers to draft the documents you require.

Answer some easy-to-understand questions and make a few simple legal decisions and you can save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS compared to a lawyer or law firm. And the finished documents will match those created by any attorney in quality and accuracy!

Skip the frustration of figuring it out yourself. Eliminate the concern of making a mistake. Do away with the challenges of downloading and using computer software. And save money in the process!

The four-step process for using our Legal Document Preparation Service is simple:

1) Review the Document Preparation topics available and purchase the service you want.

2) After checkout, DIY Legal will provide by email a questionnaire specific to the topic you purchased. Simply access the email: read each question and answer it as clearly and completely as you can. (If you find the written Q&A process too difficult, simply email us to schedule a phone conference with you; we will call at the arranged time to ask those same question over the phone, taking down your answers exactly as you give them to us.)

3) DIY Legal will review the information you provide to us from this questionnaire, checking it for consistency, completeness, spelling, grammar and other basics. We will then forward a confirmation email to you outlining the data that has been collected. If a response to a question is omitted or unclear, DIY Legal may contact you again to obtain additional information.

4) Within 3 business days after this final data confirmation, DIY Legal will provide the legal documents you have ordered in PDF format by email, which you then print out yourself. instructions covering what to do with the signed, fully executed documents are provided as well.

See? Simple, affordable and stress-free.


By law, DIY Legal is not authorized to advise you as to which documents you should use or may need; such advice would be considered the "practice of law." Under the guidelines for legal document preparation services, you must make all legal decisions yourself -- including decisions about the type of documents you need.

if you still do not know which document or service will best suit your needs, you should either consult an attorney before choosing your documents or consider having an attorney handle your case. Visit our Attorney Find program for details if you choose that route.