Real Estate Agents Must Know Their Seller’s NEEDS

A real estate professional, who becomes a listing agent, must focus on the needs, concerns, priorities, and best interests, of his client! However, until/ unless, there is a quality discussion, between client and agent, it becomes quite challenging, for any agent, to represent the homeowner, to the best of his ability. This conversation must focus on the client's expectations, and whether they are realistic and clearly defined, as well as the best way, to serve the individual's needs, etc!

6 Simple Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

Are you trying to get your home sold fast? If so, you may be going through a lot of stress. If you have kids or pets, the stress will be higher. Buyers will be more interested in your property during the first couple of weeks once you have put it on the market. Therefore, you should try your level best to get your home sold before the listing becomes stale. Below are some easy ways to sell your property fast.

5 Steps For Managing A Home Seller’s Expectations

Real estate professionals expend so much time, effort, energy, and resources, in their quest to gain listings, they often overlook the next steps! Does your attempt to get homeowners to hire you as their listing agent, lead you, to avoid advising your clients, effectively and thoroughly? How will you be able to provide your clients with a somewhat, realistic perspective, in terms of what their home is actually worth, in the present real estate market?

Selling Your Home For More Money Without A Real Estate Agent Possible

Selling your home can be a demanding and time-consuming task to do. Especially if you are on your own. That is why real estate agents are there to help us to make things easier. However, there are some people who have been successful in the pursuit of selling their home without the help of a real estate agent.

6 Variables Which Impact A House’s Selling Price

Have you ever wondered why two, seemingly, similar houses, are listed on the market, for sale, and while one, sells quickly and at a desirable price, the other one receives few (or no) quality offers, and sits unsold, for a significant period of time? As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, I have learned to appreciate, every situation is somewhat different/ unique, and therefore, factors such as pricing, location, house style, home features, the condition, the localized real estate market, and competition, must be factored in, and considered. This article will…

It’s Not What The Homeowner Thinks, But The Buyer’s PERCEPTION

One of the challenges regularly faced by real estate professionals, who list someone's home for sale, is that many homeowners are so emotionally tied and involved in their home, they fail to be able to see it, as others do! Because of this, they are often resistant to making some minor changes, or have an over – inflated picture/ idea, of their house's market value. Because of this, I often suggest these individuals attend some Open Houses, in their area, so as to be able to garner a little more objectivity, and size – up the competition.

What to Expect When Selling a Home

Many homeowners are opting to sell their houses to be able to meet their financial obligations. The process of home selling, however, may not be as simple as it sounds to many people. It can be wearisome and time-consuming. It requires a lot of preparations that include meticulous planning and assessment in order to make your home ready for marketing, attractive to would-be buyers, and worth the best price you can get.

Homeowners Beware: Listing And Selling Price Are Not The Same

After more than a decade, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have witnessed nearly every scenario, behavior, etc. However, perhaps the most important, as it relates to homeowners, desiring to sell their homes, is determining the listing price, and understanding the reasoning and reasons, behind a variety of listing price/ pricing strategies. However, before we proceed with this discussion, let's discuss one of the biggest stumbling blocks, which many homeowners, impose on themselves.