How To Expand Your Family Law Practice: Ten Money Making Tips For Divorce Lawyers

The divorce rate in the United States is likely to rise over the next five years due to the ten sociological trends that will be outlined below. These changes will create an abundance of work and opportunities for family lawyers and matrimonial lawyers. In a bad economy, some people stay in bad relationships because they feel trapped.

Alimony, Support and Division of Assets Explained in Pennsylvania

Spousal Support – Spousal Support is available to a married spouse, when the couple resides in seperate homes and one spouse earns more than than the other spouse. There are defenses against spousal support and it is important to have an attorney assist you in your claim for or against spousal support. Alimony Pendente Lite Alimony Pendente Lite is a type of support that is limited in nature and paid to to the lesser income earning spouse by the higher income earning spouse in accordance to a statutory formula until the divorce…

Are Your Circumstances Suitable for a Collaborative Divorce?

You may be suitable for a collaborative divorce if you seek: A dignified approach to handling your divorce A fair and non-aggressive resolution of issues based on the best interests of the family, not the individual Guidance, support and advice on legal issues without the threat of fighting in court. A chance to work through emotions and avoid misunderstandings to arrive at sound decisions To avoid the cost and emotional strain of court proceedings To keep your dispute and…

Ways of Enforcing a Marital Settlement Agreement Are Limited

Tragically the stories of people getting away with not paying child support, alimony, or MSA debts, or neglecting their parental timesharing and parenting plan obligations are all too frequent. With the cost of legal representation and court costs, getting even what help is available is all too often impossible. However, should you need representation for obtaining child support arrears in Florida you can, at no cost, have the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement file and process your case. This is helpful for many needy recipients of back child support, but as there are usually over 1,000 cases being processed at a time, there is a several month wait to have a case heard.

Ways to Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult as well as psychologically tolling process on all parties involved. When it comes to divorce, there is not just one way to divorce. Parties can choose to each hire a lawyer to represent them during the divorce process, parties can choose to work together with a mediator to assist them in crafting an amicable agreement or each party can choose to hire a collaborative divorce lawyer and work with each other and the lawyers with the goal of resolving issues and avoiding court. A divorce can be uncontested, contested or granted by default. The differences are explained below:

Why No Marriage Is Legal in God’s Eyes

The disgusting, prolonged, and stressful debate on gay marriage in Australia is causing some in the government to oppose its own policies. The argument centres around the legality of marriage between a man and a woman as opposed to that of same sex couples. What most don't realise is the role of religious convictions behind the refusal of some to justify the union.