5 Major Reasons Why Marriages Break

There is this saying that goes” marriages are made in Heaven”. I really do not know if there is truth in it but if it is true all who are married are truly lucky. did I say lucky! No! Actually are blessed!. Why? I know some are asking this question. Well, it is simple; marriage is holy and is ordained by God Himself. Did you get that! God Himself. Meaning, it is something precious in the eyes of God. There are many reasons as to why marriages break but today, I will explore five major ones. Below, you will get to learn why your marriage or marriages break. Break up is never sweet. It is always bitter no matter how you want to see it.

3 Great Problems In Marriage That Can Cause Divorce

It is quite essential to define the term “Marriage” because different people have different symbolism of the term. Simply no doubt, there are countless benefits in union of any man and woman particularly the sugariness and beautiful life you enjoy as partners. A large number of marriages have easily recently been terminated today.

Family Law Mediator

Their main objective is to mediate any issues a family might have and then come to a decision that will benefit both parties. This is especially true if children are involved in the family issues. A family law mediator is generally an attorney but some are professionals that are certified in family dispute resolution. Some of the cases they handle concern support issues, divorce, and child custody. To keep current on jurisdictional regulations and family law issues they have to attend training seminars.

Growing Older, Staying Relevant in the Profession

After announcing that I would be switching law firms a few months ago, I was met with a host of congratulatory remarks and a few questions. However, one unexpected response to this announcement remained lingering in my mind: Don't you think it might be a little late in your career to make this change?

Is It Really An Amber Alert When A Mom Or Dad Takes Their Own Kid Back?

Amber Alerts are supposed to be for kidnapped kids, but 9 times out of 10 they are used for domestic issues where a Mom or Dad takes the kid from their other former spouse. As bad as this might seem from the court or county family services point of view, chances are that child is NOT in any real danger, unless the parent in question has actually sexually or otherwise abused the child. If so, sure an Amber Alert is a wise choice, but if not, then the Amber Alert should not be broadcast. Why you ask? It's simple, people get numb to these alerts after a while, so they should only be used when absolutely necessary.