5 Steps to Be Taken by All Identity Theft Victims

Despite the introduction and implementation of new cyber security laws, identity theft continues to remain one of the largest online crimes. Every year, hundreds of internet users all across the globe suffer from one or more cases of identity thefts. If you feel like your id has been stolen and misused recently, here are 5 steps that all professional security guards and experts feel you must take.

Exposed – The Truth About Jeremiah And The ATM Phantom

Habits can build or destroy character and integrity for a small business owner. The small business owner who has a great reputation, customers send referrals, and loving family can be a prime target for the Phantoms of identity theft. Not knowing how to protect identity and living and doing business with careless habits is sincere ignorance. Phantoms from unseen evil strip that business owner of money, family, friends, and business, leaving a trail of poverty, loss of hope and destruction. It happens every day. With new technology and new greed growing, no one is safe. The time is now to learn before it is too late.

Don’t Be a Victim: A Checklist for Preventing Identity Theft

Imagine waking up one day to find that everything you work hard for is compromised. Your finances, your home, your family, everything is at risk. Someone has taken your identity and it may take years to recover. Nobody is completely protected. This nightmare is very real and you could be next. The FTC estimates that over 9 million people are the victims of identity theft every year. Are you taking the steps necessary to make sure that you don't become a statistic? Use the following checklist and protect yourself from identity theft today!

Avoid Identity Theft This Holiday Season

After the Black Friday shoppers ravaged the mall, we went out to see if anything was left. Mainly we wanted to get out of the house walk off the mass amounts of turkey and stuffing eaten, but my daughter saw a trinket on sale that she wanted. Since she'd been good, we conceded to get it then rather than wait for Santa, and that's when my husband's charge card suddenly did not work.

Learn The Cold Hard Facts Of Identity Theft Before It’s Too Late

The choices made available to people in life determine the amount of risk, and yield the consequences of those choices. Phantoms of identity theft are building weapons of mass destruction moment by moment. Begin now to learn more about how these criminal minds work, and then take action to protect your life. Identity theft is now just about the money. It is about the devastation of lives. How do you know that you are not the next target?

Tips for Not Becoming an Identity Fraud Victim

Identity fraud, when someone steals your identity to make purchases on credit or do other activities in your name, is a real problem everyone needs to watch for. Without being careful, you can have your good name and your credit rating ruined in no time, making buying a car or house as well as getting certain jobs next to impossible.