What Is the Current International Regulatory Regime for Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)?

Since WWII, the MNEs have mushroomed at an incredible speed, but the international law has yet to catch up. At present, the international regulatory regime remains fragmented leaving a huge gap between legality and reality. While the MNEs' day to day activities are controlled under domestic laws, their multinational nature necessitates a more coordinated and efficient multilateral approach.

Veto Rights and Good Governance: Are the Two in Sync?

One of the most debatable questions in CimplyFive's First Survey on Secretarial Practice conducted in July 2016 was on the practice of taking Director's consent for holding Board Meeting at shorter notice. Though this is not a statutory requirement, our survey indicated that 81% of the respondents revealed that they took Directors consent for holding Board Meetings at shorter notice. Taking consent from all participants even though it is not mandatory seems to be a desirable practice as it meets the basic yardstick of good governance, which is to enable all the eligible members to participate…

Speed Up Your China Company Formation

Forming a company in China is the first huddle in the process of transacting business in China. If you set up a company using the wrong structures, it can cost you. Failing to acquire the correct license or permit for your business can result in a fatal blow. If your company does not collapse, its ability to expand and become successful can be greatly impeded.

Importance of Getting a Registered Agent for an LLC

Handling the operation of a business is a complicated task. It often calls for the help of professionals in business strategies and legal issues among others. Some of these professionals that are helpful when putting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in other states is an attorney or a CPA lawyer.

Benefits of Using Mediation to Resolve Small Claims

Some might scoff at the idea of mediation being able to help solve their disputes. But, according to work done by the Department for Constitutional Affairs, along with pilot schemes, mediation has proved both popular and successful. When the problem is small enough and the chances of settlement are high, there are many potential benefits to resolving disputes through mediation rather than dragging all parties through the small claims courts.