"Contrary to what many might expect, lack of basic civil legal assistance is not limited to the poor. Numerous studies show that the majority of moderate-income individuals do not receive the legal help they need. Technology has disrupted and transformed virtually every service area, including travel, banking, and stock trading. The legal services industry, by contrast, has not yet fully harnessed the power of technology to improve the delivery of, and access to, legal services."

These sentiments are from recent findings issued by the American Bar Association, "Report of the Future of Legal Services in the United States."

Some of the findings noted that:

1.Most people living in poverty, and the majority of moderate-income individuals, do not receive the legal help they need.

2.The public often does not obtain effective assistance with legal problems, either because of insufficient financial resources or a lack of knowledge about when legal problems exist that require resolution through legal representation.

Their first recommendation which seems glaring, is that, "the legal profession should support the goal of providing some form of effective assistance for essential civil legal needs to all persons otherwise unable to afford a lawyer."

Congress recent authorized funding for the Legal Services Corporation, ABA president Hilarie Bass said in a statement, “In the past year, low-income Americans received inadequate or no legal help for 86 percent of their civil legal problems, according to a nonpartisan research organization at the University of Chicago."

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