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It's about being accessible. It's about partnerships.



Contrary to what many might expect, lack of basic civil legal assistance is not limited to the poor. Numerous studies show that the majority of moderate-income individuals do not receive the legal help they need. Technology has disrupted and transformed virtually every service area, including travel, banking, and stock trading. The legal services industry, by contrast, has not yet fully harnessed the power of technology to improve the delivery of, and access to, legal services.  Learn More


DIY Legal believes in being a positive and proactive member within the legal community. We aim to maintain affiliations and associations with other like-minded groups and agencies which promote and aid in the delivery of products and services for self-represented individuals.

Not every instance demands the need of a lawyer. At times there are circumstances that can be resolved simply by creating and filing the proper legal forms. There are many instances in which preparing your own documents for straightforward issues is practical. Self representation has been a viable alternative and is utilized each day by a huge number of normal individuals.

Given the right information and a affordable means to create the necessary documents, people can achieve the results as they would with a lawyer and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the process!

This is not a recommendation for individuals to avoid professional assistance at all. Certainly addressing issues of criminal actions, complex civil and business actions, or dealings with the IRS, certainly merit retaining a qualified lawyer.

Our website DIY Legal, along with its affiliates and associations are for those individuals and businesses feel comfortable in addressing their own legal needs.