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Do It Yourself Legal Software & Legal Document Preparation Services


Do It Yourself Legal Forms

DIY Legal offers self-help software which is downloadable or alternatively a mailed CD is available for people who don't like to download or want an accessible backup. The software contains all of the legal forms and comprehensive instructions needed to create the state-specific documents required of that law topic.

The do-it-yourself legal forms software is simple to use, with many of the forms easily completed in just a few minutes!

Welcome to DIY Legal! Our mission is to help everyday people handle common legal issues on their own, and do it in a very affordable way.

DIY Legal specializes in "pro se law" -- often called self-help law or do-it-yourself law. We provide the necessary tools, do-it-yourself- forms, information and even referrals for assistance to help you create the legal documents you need to take on these common law-related issues, such as Last Will and Testament, Bankruptcy, Incorporation, Lease Agreements, Deeds, Employee Manual, Living Will, Living Trust, and more.

Through such tools and assistance anyone who can read straight-forward directions and answer highly-specific questions about their personal situation can manage these common legal issues without hiring an attorney. That can be a savings of thousands of dollars!


Document Preparation Services

For those who aren't comfortable using the computer and want some help creating their documents, please an alternative with obtaining Legal Document Preparation Services.

A professional document preparation specialist provides a questionnaire to you. Those responses and answers are then used to create the custom legal documents and the the documents are sent back to you either by email or printed-and-mailed (again, your choice!). You simply read, confirm and sign the documents you receive, then file or distribute them as directed. Finished!

The document preparation service is a very simple way to handle a basic legal matter, all without having to pay the high cost of attorney fees.